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                                                          TERMS & CONDITIONS

Hair Deposits

£15 Consultation Deposits are non-refundable and if an appointment is cancelled we will be happy to reschedule it within 48 hours notice after this time you will lose your deposit. Please note - Your £15 deposit is taken off your hair price when you purchase .

If you decide you are happy after your consultation and chose to go ahead we require full payment for the hair in advance before your fitting appointment. This is a deposit to secure your hair fitting date in the diary and order your hair in advance. Payment for your Fitting is only required on the actual day of fitting.

Hair Maintenance

After you have had your hair fitted, we ask that you to stick to all maintenance appointments. Hair should be refitted on average every 8 to 10 weeks. This is a very important part of wearing your extensions – to help look after your new hair and protect your natural hair from damage.


Prior to your extension appointment/maintenance, it is very important that your hair is washed with a shampoo within 24 hrs before an appointment. No conditioner on your roots or other products should be used. Hair has to be dry and straightened for correct application. If you colour your hair we recommend this is done 2 weeks before an appointment or after due to fact that freshly coloured hair does loose some amount of colour over time. Colour matching may therefore be incorrect when your hair will start fading away.


If you choose to have your extensions removed for any reason you are required to return to the studio to have your extensions removed by us to ensure your natural hair stays in good condition; no responsibility will be accepted for any damages if extensions are removed by yourself, another salon or third party.

Services by others

If you have your extensions cut/topped up/removed or refitted by anyone other than us, no responsibility will be accepted for problems arising.


By making an appointment you do agree the aftercare advice given. Please never assume anything always ask we are here for you and happy to help. By aftercare we understand keeping up to refitting schedules, not over wearing hair. Using correct products and following the Dos and Don’ts or hair extensions.


Due to the nature of this product Pretty Little Weaves has a NO REFUND POLICY &  In the event that you are not happy with your hair, you need to contact us and visit the salon within a 3 day timeframe for us to fix the issue you may have. If you do not contact or visit the salon within this timeframe to show the hair extensions the stylist will not be responsible for any cost involved to rectify/ fix the hair extensions. All cost will be at your own responsibility. 

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